Prostrate Brachytherapy

Prostrate brachytherapy is a well-established treatment for early prostate cancer patients. Piedmont Hospital and Dr. Schwaibold have been performing this procedure since 1995, and have completed over 1500 procedures. Patients who are suitable candidates generally have low-risk disease and small-to-average size prostate glands. In a 1-hour procedure, a live real time intraoperative plan determining precisely where the seeds need to be placed is first done followed by actual seed placement itself. Patients go home the same day, generally without a catheter.

Results are excellent for early stage disease and with a very low complication rate. Our practice, along with nearly all respected large medical schools and centers, does not recommend external beam treatment and seeds together for low-risk disease. This only increases the cost, time, as well as the complication rate, without any evidence that the overall cure rate itself is improved.

Our physicians are highly experienced in treating all malignant and benign conditions for which radiation therapy is indicated. If you should have a question about whether or not a particular treatment is offered in our office, please feel free to contact our office by telephone.


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